Something Great

An album by Dino Ronco

About the team

Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.

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We first encountered Dino during a talent show at his High School, Collège Sainte-Anne de Lachine. We were blown away by his amazing voice and had to ask him if he was interested in working with us on a large project.
After discussing with him for a while, we eventually agreed to create an album. We knew it would be Something Great. Our next step was to hire a producer and a music engineer. After that, the rest is history.

Dino Ronco

Still in High-School, the 17 year-old Dino Ronco has a unique voice which allows him to sing in many different music styles.

Dino Ronco
Lead Singer

James Hampton

Having worked with Dino on various projects such as Being Gay, James Hampton is the perfect man to lead the production of Something Great.

James Hampton
Executive Producer

Scott Vassar

A student at McGill University, Scott Vassar has not yet participated in great works, but has a lot of potential.

Scott Vassar
Music Engineer

Why buy our album?

We’re Creative

Our album combines different music styles, while offering a creative approach which perfectly blends all the songs together.

We’re fast

After the production of Dino's first album, Something Great, we are looking to release multiple singles and albums per year.

We have magic

The way our team works together is like magic. We are able to solve all our problems in a heartbeat and are constantly creating great content.

We care

We love our fans and want to treat them as good as possible. We take their suggestions and criticims to our heart, and try to listen to them as much as possible.

We’re growing

With each donation and purchase of our album, our team is growing in aspects such as motivation and funds. Soon we'll be a fully-fledged studio capable of putting out high-quality music videos and songs.

We're Friendly

We constantly use social media to get in touch with our fans by hosting AMAs, polls, forums, etc.

What people are saying

This alternative rock album is enriched with a harmonious instrumental and amusing lyrics that will undoubtedly brighten your mood.


What people are saying

I'm really looking forward to buy this album! I have been a fan of Dino since the release of "Being Gay".


What people are saying

Can't wait to see what Dino will come up with this time! His uniquely artistical voice gives me chills.


What people are saying

I've been waiting a long time for Dino's debut album, and it's finally coming out! I'll be the first one to buy it!


Latest News

Rule Britannia
James Hampton | 18 March
Rule Britannia is nearing completion.
God Save the queen
James Hampton | 12 March
We are glad to announce that the production of Goad Save the Queen is over.
Country Roads
James Hamtpon | 7 March
We have finished the recording of Country Roads.
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